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Minimum Deposit – 1000

Currency – INR


Dreamexcha brings to you cricket, football, horse racing, Table tennis and casino games to bet on. One of the Most Popular exchange websites in India Get an online id with Supreme Cricket ID online and begin playing today. Win daily on Supreme Cricket ID Online!

Min deposit ₹500 | Min withdrawal ₹500 | Min refill ₹500


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Pandemic taught us how to make extra money or survive using our knowledge and skill. Post pandemic the story continues, especially when you have intense knowledge of sports such as cricket, snooker, card games and even the way binary games are programmed. The idea is to use this wisdom to wager on various sporting events and tournaments; and what better avenue than Supreme Cricket ID, one of the best Dreamexch Id provider in India. We provide a single unique Id which allows you to choose from a pool of top SportsBooks and Exchanges.

What is so special about Dreamexch? As a Dreamexch Id provider we assure you of the following -

  1. A minimum of 10% welcome bonus. And if you have large number of followers and you have the influence, we offer referral bonus too.
  2. Betting flexibility in terms of “Limit”.
  3. A round the clock deposit and withdrawal system.

As a preferred associate of Dream Exchange, we have an edge over others in terms of priority, preference and pricing. Check out the rest of our partner associates and you will realise that we connect with only the best in the betting domain. No wonder then our popularity within the betting community and online search is unmatched.

Dreamexch Id Online — The Key to the exciting world of sports betting

Betting demands skills, talent and luck. While all these are relative terms, and fluctuate between individual to individual what is absolute is the way betting process is conducted or operated. Supreme Cricket ID associates, such as Dreamexch is known for –

  1. Superlative betting rates / odds.
  2. Straightforward and transparent deals.
  3. Genuine members ( Exchanges ) and Bookies ( SportsBook ).
  4. Secure and simple user interface.
  5. Guaranteed privacy using technologies such as Whatsapp and similar applications.

What about Cricket?

The fact is we thrive on this sport. So, get Dreamexch 247 Id for cricket from us and wager on latest live matches. From IPL to Local Tournaments, from International Events to geo-specific premier leagues games.

Our partner exchanges also cover premier league matches for soccer too.

Fetch your dream exchange id for cricket – Experience exciting betting options.

  1. Tournament or League Winner – Extremely Popular in IPL
  2. Bi & Tri-lateral Series Winner
  3. Single Match Winner
  4. Highest scorer, Highest Wicket taker and Man of the Match
  5. Over and under bets.

Dream exchange Id online is your passport to making quick money, a side hustle that provides financial cushion for your needs. However, a word of caution—Play intelligently, bet sensibly and put your stakes responsibly.

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