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1 Point = 1 Rupee

Minimum Deposit – 1000

Minimum Withdrawal – 1000

Currency – INR


Silverexch brings to you cricket, football, horse racing, Table tennis and casino games to bet on. One of the Most Popular exchange websites in India Get an online id with Supreme Cricket ID online and begin playing today. Win daily on Supreme Cricket ID Online!

Min deposit ₹500 | Min withdrawal ₹500 | Min refill ₹500


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One of the common problems a first-time online bettor faces is the challenging interface. This is also true for old timers, wagers who have always used phone and personal relationship to indulge in this activity. Supreme Cricket ID, a top Id provider has changed that perspective by building partnership with user friendly platforms. Get Silverexch 247 Id for Cricket from us—considered one of the most cherished sports in India. Silverexch also offers a range of popular betting games and sports to its customers. As mentioned above, our partner exchange website / apps are simple but built with state of the art technology.

Are these web / apps really simple?

Check it out for yourself, but in the meantime read the following to be absolutely sure.

  1. Once you have registered with us, login to Silverexch with the credential provided to you via whatsapp.
  2. Select the sports or a sporting event of your choice.
  3. Choose the betting type / market.
  4. Decide on the amount and create a betting slip.
  5. That’s it. Check out real time results as the event progresses.

Seems like offline framework!

It is but there are stark differences as well, and one of them is the host of betting types. Here are some of the most intriguing ones provided by our betting partners including “Silverexch Id Online”.
  1. Moneyline – Bet on the winning team or an individual. That’s it! It is as simple as that.
  2. Point Spread – Unsure of the winning team or the winning individual in a solo sport? Then exploit Silverexch’s point spread. Simply choose the margin of victory.
  3. Interested in low betting amount and high pay-outs? Then opt for Parlay.

Which type of bet should a Rookie or an offline bettor opt for?

Moneyline is the best option for such individuals. Remember, Parlay is complex, although its entry amount appears lucrative.

Does Silverexch offer cricket betting opportunities?

Absolutely! There is a bouquet of betting variations available for this mega sport which is considered a religion in India. Considered the best Silverexch Id provider in India Supreme Cricket ID analyses the features and genuineness of these platforms before entering into a liaison. One of the lucrative feature of Silverexch is you can change and alter the bet even as the game is in progress. This feature is highly in demand with all the cricket wagers especially in events such as IPL and World Cup.

Is it good to alter bets?

It helps wagers reduce losses or increase profits. As mentioned above, all our exchange and SportsBook associates offer this form of migration.

How does Supreme Cricket ID fit into this framework?

As a trusted Silverexch Id provider and also as an Id provider for other platforms / apps, we provide a single point entry for this leisure activity. Register today!

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