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What Are the Top 5 Cricket Betting Strategies for Newcomers? | Supreme Cricket ID


Sports betting provides dual thrill. You enjoy the game and at the same time enhance the “exhilaration” factor through wagering. While some rookies or newcomers enter the world of betting to make quick buck, there are others who like to test their knowledge, their skills and thereby turn it into a leisure activity. Either way, it is extremely important to stick to some of the basic fundamentals of cricket betting. Mentioned below are Top 5 Cricket Betting Strategies for Newcomers.

Choose a trusted platform or ID provider –

This rule has no substitute. Wager with a wrong bookie or a SportsBook and you bound to lose money and interest quickly. So, what is the solution? Before you actually register and deposit money, make sure you have done your homework. Ask yourself the following questions –

  1. Is my ID Provider / Bookie a well-known and trusted entity?
  2. Are my chosen betting website / app responsive in terms of resolution?
  3. Check the communication method. Whatsapp is the de facto tool these days.

Once you have the answers to the above you are good to go.

India-centric bets and currency –

As an Indian punter you will need to ascertain if you can bet in Indian currency. Wagering in foreign currency can be dangerous. It is a legal offence and therefore you should stay away from platforms that don’t provide this feature. Secondly, scan the betting types. Are these entities India-centric. The Indian betting system has its own code and wagering options and if this option is unavailable you need to opt for a different website / app.

Odds – Your blueprint to better winnings –

Odds, skill and guts are some of the attributes of betting. As a rookie wager, make sure you cross check several websites for a particular bet. Choose the one that offers the best odds. Remember, you cannot win every time. However, what you can do is to make sure that whenever you actually win you make a large profit. This can only happen if you opt for best odds. Choosing an operator who offers 1.95 against someone offering 1.65 makes sense.

Pre & In-play Wagering –

Cricket is a unique and a dynamic sport. It simply means you can bet on “Who will win the toss”, predicting catches, runs and wickets apart from betting on assorted situations. While some of these wagers are available before the match, there are others which can be exploited even as the game is in progress. Real time betting offers a great way to improve your winnings. Make sure your chosen SportsBook / ID provider offers maximum number of variations and options.

Cricketing Events –

As a newcomer make sure your selected / narrowed down website / app / service provider covers all the major and regional tournaments such as IPL, World Cup, geographic-independent matches and series tournaments. It expands your scope of winning, especially when you have insider / intense knowledge of foreign players or pitches. Maximum events also translate into round the year betting activity.

The above strategies can be easily accomplished with the help of a single entity … Supreme Cricket ID You don’t need to worry about any of the above mentioned pointers.


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