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In the good old days, bookies with shady background ruled the betting arena. These individuals and groups were biased, unfair, offered minimal betting types and options and resolving issues was unheard of. It frequently led to tussle with the law enforcement agencies, and the consequences; intermittent service, lack of co-ordination and constant fear. However, in the past decade or so, everything has changed. With the advent of online betting portals, punters never had it so good. Today, things have evolved dramatically. Dedicated tennis, soccer and cricket ID providers offer single username to bet on a host of betting platforms.

Is winning bets with online bookies easy? –

As a bettor, you need to understand that not all sports betting organisations are genuine. You have to choose your betting vendor carefully. Refer to ourearlier blog to know more about this subject. However, one thing is certain. Most of the SportsBook and Exchanges offer a unique model of betting, thereby making the process of winning easier.

Online betting Id Provider – A unique model –

So, what is this unique model? And does it offer improved gratification? Most of the betting websites / apps and ID providers offer technology based interface, simplified cash deposit and withdrawal, bouquet of sports and sporting events and flexible betting amount. However, what makes it unique is the introduction of Whatsapp tool for easy communication, faster resolution and lightning fast response.

There is more to online betting than … betting –

These betting entities cover not just the popular sports and sporting events such as Cricket ( IPL, World Cup etc. ) but also provide digital and casino games. As an Indian punter you can bet in Rupees and play some of the popular local card games such as Teen Patti, Andar Bahar etc. Nonetheless, and as mentioned above, choosing a reliable betting platform or an online cricket ID provider is absolutely important.

What about betting types and odds? –

Reputed and trusted exchanges / websites / apps cover a gamut of betting types such as Moneyline, Point Spread, Parlay etc. along with best betting odds. These entities operate on low margins and high turnover and therefore able to offer better odds. As mentioned above, Whatsapp also makes it easy to query, switch or increase / decrease bets depending on the status of the live match. For Indians it simply means spreading their bets and therefore enhancing their chances of winning.

Conclusion –

Winning bets with the most reliable online betting ID provider is no rocket science. It needs a little perseverance, research and substantial amount of time to find the hidden gems of betting world. Are you unhappy in the way the blog has come to an end? Yes! Then here is the bonus tip. Get sports and cricket ID from Supreme Cricket ID and forget about the rest of the providers or betting websites / apps. Supreme Cricket ID is your one stop solution for all your betting needs. Register, get your ID and bet with free money ( SportsBook & Exchange Sponsored – Registration & Welcome Bonus ) or play with your own money.


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